Normkritisk innovation:

Innovations for increased equality - preparation projects

Closed 8 March 2019

To accelerate work towards a more equal society, new types of collaborations, approaches and innovative solutions are required. This call invites actors who want to collaborate and explore the potential of how new solutions to gender equality and/or diversity challenges can help achieve other goals in Agenda 2030.

The offer in brief


What can you apply for?

Funds to explore new approaches and solutions to gender equality and/or equality challenges identified within one or more of the goals in Agenda 2030.

Who can apply?

All types of actors who want to develop new solutions to gender equality and/or equality challenges with the potential to contribute to the goals in Agenda 2030.

How much can you apply for?

Max SEK 400 000.

Important dates

  • How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to complete an application form in our application portal, Intressentportalen. The form contains questions about your project, project members and budget.

    Download attachments

    Please download the documents that you need to attach to your application, for example, the template for a CV or a project description.

    Allow enough time to complete the application

    Keep in mind that it can take several days to gather the information you need to complete your application, so it’s a good idea to start early. That way, you can save your details and come back to your application, making adjustments until you submit it.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Increased equality and gender equality in subletting Mustard AB SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-02034
    FairSHARE- Certification for inclusive public spaces TENGBOMGRUPPEN AKTIEBOLAG SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-02032
    Technology has no age - everyone´s opportunity in the digital world Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Skaraborg SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-02031
    Increased equality for LGBTQ people Lesbesocial AB SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-02019
    Can the film industry become more equal and diverse by analyses of how norms affect the industry’s business models? Ceretai AB SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-01997
    Money talks- new ways to promote gender equal organizations SVERIGES KVINNOLOBBY SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-01993
    Norm-critical perspectives to increase the capacity of housing associations as change agents IVL SVENSKA MILJÖINSTITUTET AB SEK 389 797 Ongoing 2019-01986
    Co-designing methods for exploring gender norms, communication and security concerns in crisis situations RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 399 117 Ongoing 2019-01979
    Stop-notion - education concept with gamification to increase gender equality and diversity in technology courses RISE IVF AB SEK 340 000 Ongoing 2019-01976
    Sport Open SKÅNES IDROTTSFÖRBUND SEK 332 313 Ongoing 2019-01974
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