Innovations for a sustainable society:

Innovations for a climate-neutral future

Closed 11 June 2019

In this offer, we finance development and innovation projects that, in a pioneering and cross-border way, will contribute to a climate-neutral society. The projects should develop new knowledge and competences that contribute to significant social benefits.

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The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Creative and groundbreaking ideas on how we can achieve a climate-neutral society in the areas of the environment, transport and sustainable cities.

Who can apply?

The call is for public organizations, companies, non-profit organizations and research organizations. The constellation of actors shall consist of at least two parties, of which at least one shall be a research organization.

How much can you apply for?

The maximum contribution amount is SEK 6.5 million. The support level is max. 100 percent.

Important dates

  • Which project can receive funding ?

    The transition to a climate-neutral society will require development in a number of areas with both indirect and direct impact on the climate. Here are some examples of which issues that address call for proposal 's overall objective:


    • Policy and behavioral issues that promote the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy, in these issues also include regulations, policy instruments, business models, incentive structures and consumption behaviors.
    • How the banking and insurance industry can support the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy. To enable and accelerate the change in these areas, new ways of assessing, evaluating and managing risks and opportunities are required.


    • In a Europe comparison, the reliability of the Swedish railway system is low. How can its quality and disturbance deficiencies be prevented?
    • The improvement measures that have been taken in recent years within public Transport have in many cases led to greatly increased costs which are not matched by revenue increases. What can be done to break the evolution of public Transport 's runaway costs that are unsustainable in the long term?

    Sustainable cities

    • How can housing and urban environments be made sustainable from an economic and social perspective while radically reducing its climate footprint? To achieve this, new green business models are needed that contribute to a transition to climate-neutral and inclusive cities.
    • How can universal design be integrated in the early stages of the urban development process, to help create inclusive, safe and climate-neutral cities?

    Read more about the previously granted project

    Do you want to know more about project that received funding earlier? Read the summaries of the approved project in our project database.

    Here's how to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to complete an application form in our application portal, Intressentportalen. The form contains questions about your project, project members and budget.

    Allow enough time to complete the application

    Keep in mind that it can take several days to gather the information you need to complete your application, so it’s a good idea to start early. You can start to fill in your details, save and make adjustments until the call has closed.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    Economic priorities that enable reliable and attractive railway transportations Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut SEK 6 030 287 Ongoing 2019-03160
    AID-CBM - AI driven financial risk assessment for CBMs RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 4 260 720 Ongoing 2019-03166
    Forest management for improved natural carbon sequestration Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet SEK 6 500 000 Ongoing 2019-03167
    ESG-rating as a key to unlock financial sector engagement with planetary tipping points and systemic climate risk KUNGL VETENSKAPSAKADEMIEN KVA SEK 5 527 741 Ongoing 2019-03128
    Climate calculations - business and kompetens models for a climate-neutral construction sector in Malmö 2030 Sustainable Innovation i Sverige AB SEK 6 468 625 Ongoing 2019-03204
    Robust infrastructure Adapting railway maintenance to climate change(CliMaint) Luleå tekniska universitet SEK 3 865 000 Ongoing 2019-03181
    Establish public procurement as a climatpolitic tool IVL SVENSKA MILJÖINSTITUTET AB SEK 4 575 000 Ongoing 2019-03126
    Urban circularity assessment framework STIFT THE STOCKHOLM ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE, SEI SEK 6 500 000 Ongoing 2019-03237
    Mainstreaming sustainability STOCKHOLMS KOMMUN SEK 6 493 500 Ongoing 2019-03222
    C1Bio - Carbon fixation by green chemistry for a C1-based bioeconomy KUNGLIGA TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLAN SEK 6 500 000 Ongoing 2019-03174
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