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Undersök möjligheterna för samarbete med Israel inom AI eller Cybersäkerhet

Att inleda ett partnerskap kan ta tid och resurser i anspråk. Denna satsning är till för er som vill ta det första steget på vägen. Har du träffat en potentiell samarbetspartner i Israel som du vill lära känna bättre? Då kan du söka finansiering för en förstudie med det långsiktiga målet att främja innovationsprojekt mellan aktörer inom AI och cybersäkerhet i både Sverige och Israel.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Feasibility study where you investigate the conditions for further cooperation between actors in Sweden and Israel and which promote innovations in AI and cyber security.

Who can apply?

The Coordinator of the project must be an SME (small and medium sized companies). Co-applicants are academia, research organizations, companies, the public sector. At least one and a maximum of three parties can participate.

How much can you apply for?

Project can apply for up to SEK 100,000 for project which starts immediately. The support level is a maximum of 70 percent.

Viktiga datum

  • The call in detail

    • Vinnova has been commissioned by the government to form a bridge between the Swedish and Israeli innovation systems and to create contacts based on the needs of the business community. Of particular importance is to strengthen the ties between innovative companies in Sweden and Israel.

      Creating contacts and starting a partnership can take time and resources. It is also important to find the right partner, which can feel difficult when it comes to international collaborations in new markets. The purpose of this effort is to support you who want to take the first step on the road. Have you met a potential partner in Israel that you want to get to know better? Then you can apply for funding for a feasibility study. The long-term goal of the investment is to establish innovation collaborations between actors in Sweden and Israel and create progress in the areas of AI or cyber security.

      The investment is aimed at actors with innovative solutions in AI or cyber security. These areas are of increasing importance in our digital and global future. Sweden and Israel both have the ambition to become world leaders. Taking lessons and finding inspiration in collaborations that lead to joint innovation projects benefits not only individual parties but the areas and countries as a whole.

      Vinnova has the task of promoting sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation. Improved conditions for innovation strengthen the capacity to achieve the goals for sustainable development in Agenda 2030. Through our efforts, we contribute to the global commitment to achieve the goals.

      Our work to contribute to the goals in Agenda 2030

      Collaboration, concentration and innovation will be crucial to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030. With this call for proposals, we want more people to collaboratively develop their innovative capacity and create new solutions that contribute to the goals, within the framework of the call's priorities.

      Gender equality is a prerequisite for sustainable growth and is found in Agenda 2030 as an objective in itself, but also as a perspective that should permeate the work with all objective. The call must therefore contribute to a gender-equal development of society linked to two main perspectives:

      • One perspective is that both women and men take part in the grant and participate in and have influence over the project in an equal way.
      • The second perspective is about the project analyzing and deciding whether there are gender equality aspects (gender or gender) that are relevant within the solution's problem area and utilization.

      Equal innovation for those seeking funding

    • The initiative is aimed at actors who want to investigate the conditions for cooperation with an Israeli partner or a consortium of actors. Both sides must have an interest in the investment. A basic principle in the work is that collaboration must create value for both Sweden and Israel.

      Coordinator for the project must be an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). Co-applicants are academics, research organizations, companies and the public sector. A maximum of three parties can participate.

      A letter of intent from the Israeli player, ie the potential partner, must be attached to proposal. It should be clear which organization it is, that there is interest in investigating cooperation, areas for potential cooperation and contact person.

      The Israeli party can not apply for funding in this call for proposals.

    • Activities for funding can be applied for

      Vinnova is funding a feasibility study to investigate the conditions for collaboration with a potential partner.

      Feasibility study is defined as: Evaluation and analysis of the potential of a project aimed at supporting the decision-making process by objectively and rationally revealing the project's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks and identifying the resources required to implement it, and finally the prospects for that the project will be a success. This refers to studies prior to project relating to basic research, industrial research or experimental development.

      The study may, for example, include travel to meet physically, market study, or investigation of other legal, business or practical conditions required to initiate a collaboration with a partner in Israel in AI or cybersecurity.

      Eligible costs

      Our funding is through funding. Funding for organizations that conduct financial activities covered by rules on state support.

      The rules govern, among other things, the types of costs and the proportion of them that may be covered by funding.

      Government support for financial activities (companies)

      Rules for which costs are eligible

      Funding is provided in accordance with section 9 of Vinnova's ordinance (2015: 208) on state support for research and development and innovation and Article 25 of Commission Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014 (GBER). The project's activities must constitute a feasibility study

      Parties that conduct non-economic activities are not granted state aid in accordance with ordinance (2009: 1101) with instructions for the Swedish Agency innovation system

      The following costs are eligible:

      • Personnel costs
      • Costs for equipment, land and buildings to the extent and during the time they are used for the project
      • Costs for consultants and licenses etc.
      • Other direct costs
      • Indirect costs
    • Feasibility studies are granted funding with a maximum of SEK 100,000 at project level. Project begins immediately upon possible approval and lasts a maximum of one year. Funding will amount to a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs.

      Each individual participant is responsible for funding received does not exceed the aid intensity permitted under the rules for state support.

      Below is a summary of the maximum allowable aid levels depending on the size of the company. The aid levels refer to the maximum allowable support for eligible costs, per beneficiary, as a percentage.

      • Large companies: 50%.
      • Medium-sized companies: 60%
      • Small Business: 70%

      Non-financial activities are not covered by the state aid rules, and funding can be provided with up to 100% of eligible costs ("non-city aid").

      • The project description must be written in the template that Vinnova provides on the call's website and must not exceed 5 standing A4 pages with a font Times New Roman, 12 points in size.
      • CV must be written in the template that Vinnova provides on the announcement website and may be a maximum of 1 standing A4 page per key person. There is no limit to the number of CVs that may be attached per project.
      • No material other than the mandatory appendices may be included.
    • We will only assess applications that meet the following formal eligibility requirements:

      • Proposal has been received no later than 25 November at 14:00
      • Proposal must be written in Swedish and / or English.
      • The attached proposal must contain a letter of intent from the intended Israeli partner where it is clear which organization it is, that there is an interest in investigating cooperation, areas for potential cooperation and a contact person. The format is free.
      • Participant (one or more) must be legal entities. Companies must be active and have an organization proposal when the proposal is submitted.
    • What do we assess?

      The assessment of the proposal takes place in competition based on how well the proposal meets the aim call through the criteria potential, actors and implementation.


      • Connection to the call's aim and objective
      • The feasibility study's potential to lead to actual innovation cooperation between Sweden and Israel
      • The height of innovation in the potential collaboration's long-term objective and its potential to contribute to progress in AI or cyber security


      • The Swedish actors' ability and commitment to conduct the feasibility study within a given time frame
      • The Israeli actor's commitment and intention to cooperate
      • How well the team (key people) is composed in terms of gender distribution, as well as the distribution of power and influence between women and men


      • Credibility of the implementation plan
      • Opportunities and plans for future financing opportunities eg through the EU, other national funding or private alternatives
      • How well sustainability aspects and gender equality aspects are integrated into the project plan

      How do we rate?

      • All applications that meet the formal requirements are assessed by a composite group of Vinnova specially appointed evaluator
      • Applications are assessed in competition based on how well the proposal meets the aim call through the criteria potential, actors and implementation
      • Vinnova makes a decision and communicates this to the applicant no later than 2 December
    • About our decisions

      How much each party in the project is granted in funding stated in the decision. Funding will be granted in support of Article 25 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 (GBER) (feasibility study). The basis for support is stated in the decision and also governs which costs are eligible.

      Our decision to grant or reject a proposal is not subject to appeal.

      Term for granted funding

      For granted funding, our general terms and conditions for fundingapply. The terms include rules on project agreements, conditions for payment, follow-up, reporting and utilization of results.

      Our rules and term for funding

      The start report must be submitted by 10 December 2021.

      special conditionsalso apply to everyone who is granted funding

      Additional special conditions can be determined for individual project.

      If you do not follow our term, you may be liable for a refund. This also applies if you have been granted funding incorrectly or with funding

    • Date
      15 Oct 2021

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