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EUREKA network projects

EUREKA network projects

Vinnova finances Swedish project participants in Eureka calls for proposals

Swedish participants in Eureka network projects that are not supported by an open call for proposals are directed to self-finance their participation in the project. Get in touch with Vinnova's contact persons below, and we will tell you more.

You will find open calls for proposals under the heading Open application opportunities on this page. If there are no open calls for proposals no heading is displayed.

What can I apply for?

You can apply for funding for a research and development project with a project duration of up to 36 months. The project must produce a unique product, process or service that can be commercialised.

Who can apply?

Participation in the network projects is open to companies, research institutes, universities or other relevant actors. At least one Swedish company must be included in the project.

How much can I apply for?

  • Small and medium-sized companies (as defined by the EU) can apply funding of up to 50 percent of their costs.
  • Large companies can apply funding up to 30 percent of their costs.
  • Universities and university colleges can apply for funding up to 100 percent of their costs.

The highest amount the Swedish project participants can jointly apply for is shown in the current call for proposals on Vinnova's website.

European project partners are funded by their respective national contact authorities within the Eureka network.

Then you apply

1. Make sure you are entitled to funding

Start by reading the rules for participation in the Eureka network project on this page to make sure you are entitled to funding. The information below is general. Always read the current announcement text on Vinnova's website where there may be additional instructions and term.

2. Contact cooperation partners

Identify and contact international collaboration partners to plan your proposal.

3. Contact us

Contact us to find out how to best apply for funding.

4. Make proposal

You apply in Eureka's application portal. Instructions for completing the application form can be found on the application portal. Your project application must contain a well-thought-out project plan and plan for commercialization. The benefit and added value of collaborating with the international project partners must be clearly stated in your proposal.

5. Send proposal to Eureka

Submit proposal in the portal. Then it becomes available to the project participants' respective national contact authority for Eureka. I Sverige is Vinnova. The Eureka network decides whether your project will receive funding or not. Decisions to approve project are made on four occasions during the year: in January, March, June and October.

6. We will contact you

Om Eurekas's secretariat approves your proposal, we will contact you with information on how to apply for funding for the Swedish project parties with us.

Information and application form

Apply to the call for proposals Foodtech and alternative proteins

Foodtech and alternative proteins - call for proposals between Sweden, Israel and Switzerland within Eureka

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