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EUREKA Cluster SMART Advanced Manufacturing co-funding Sustainable Industry 2022

SMART is an international innovation cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. Eureka clusters are thematic funding programs aiming to promote international cooperation and strengthen European competitiveness. Eureka clusters are initiated by European industry and focus on the needs of industry and business. With this offer we want to support international collaborative projects with actors along the entire value chain for advanced manufacturing. Genom Eureka SMART Call 2022 allows companies, academia and research institutes in international collaboration to apply for funding for project that contributes to innovations in advanced manufacturing.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Research or development projects in advanced manufacturing.

Who can apply?

Consortia of corporate, industrial or academic partners from at least two of the countries participating in Eureka. At least one Swedish SME must participate.

How much can you apply for?

There is no upper limit, but we finance a maximum of 50 percent of the project´s eligible costs. We finance a maximum of up to approximately SEK 10 million. The projects generally run over three years.

Important dates

The application process for SMART takes place in several steps. Dates for the various opportunities to apply will be published below.

  • What is the offer about?

    Genom Eureka SMART Call 2022 allows companies, academia and research institutes in international collaboration to apply for funding for project that contribute to innovations in advanced manufacturing. With this the offer, we want to support project with actors along the entire value chain and contribute to developing tomorrow's innovation in advanced manufacturing, and also support advanced manufacturing products, processes and services in all market sectors.

    The call is aimed at innovation projects in the following areas:

    • Processing of materials and products.
    • Intelligent and adaptive manufacturing systems at component and system levels.
    • Digital or virtual factory design, data collection and management, operation and planning, from real-time to long-term optimization methods.
    • Human-machine collaboration that strengthens the role of humans in manufacturing.
    • Sustainable processes and systems.
    • Customized manufacturing by involving customers in value chains, from product process design to manufacturing.

    In order to receive funding, the results must be relevant to the competitiveness of Swedish business and industry.

    Expected results of the projects are, for example, prototypes and demonstrators of interest to potential customers in an international market. For a successful proposal for greater funding for Vinnova, it is normally required to focus on major industrial challenges with participation from both larger companies, SMEs and academia / research institutes. At least one company with a Swedish place of business must participate.

    SMART offers support during consortium building and organizes the network meeting SMART PO Proposers' Day - 5th Call where there is an opportunity to pitch your idea and discuss with potential partners.

    What is SMART?

    SMART is an innovation cluster for advanced manufacturing.

    All project within the EUREKA cluster are public-private partnerships with broad industrial participation, which aim to promote research or encourage standardization processes.

    The application process in several steps

    The application process for SMART takes place in several steps as below.

    1. Find partners and form an international consortium, for example during the network day 5th SMART PO Proposers' Day
    2. Send a project outline (PO - project outline) to SMART.
    3. SMART and Vinnova assess the project sketch and if it is of sufficiently high quality, you are offered to submit a full project application (FPP - full project proposal) to SMART.
    4. Submit a full project proposal (FPP) to SMART. New applications, which have not been preceded by a PO, are also welcome.
    5. SMART and Vinnova evaluate the complete project applications. The applications that are approved receive a so-called Eureka label. This means that the national consortia are offered the opportunity to submit national applications to each country's funding public authority.
    6. The Swedish consortium is offered to submit a national proposal to Vinnova. Selected Swedish consortia are interviewed at Vinnova.
    7. Based on the international (FPP) and the national (Vinnova) applications as well as a project interview, Vinnova makes a final assessment of whether the Swedish consortium receives funding or not. Note that the proposal for Swedish funding may be rejected despite the cluster project having a valid Eureka label and being invited for an interview at Vinnova.
    8. Vinnova decides to grant or reject proposal. It is required that the project starts with at least two participating organizations from at least two different countries and that the project has had its official kick-off. The project will start within 12 months after the international consortium has received the Eureka label.


    Find partners and form an international consortium, for example during network day, 5th SMART PO Proposers' Day - Home (

    Any questions?

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