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Standardization of charging infrastructure for the maritime transport sector

Reference number
Coordinator Göteborgs universitet - Göteborgs universitet Inst f marina vetenskaper
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 000 000
Project duration April 2022 - December 2022
Status Completed
Venture Government assignment 2022
Call Climate-focused standardization for increased innovation and competitiveness

Purpose and goal

1. Knowledge base on standards for maritime charging infrastructure. The project has made the most up-to-date review of relevant standards. There has been great interest in the project. 2. Recommendations for standardization. The project identifies the most urgent areas for standardization. The work should be adapted to the wider transport sector and electric vehicles on land. 3. Innovation, electrification and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. Today there is an electrification of waterborne public transport. Standardization has the potential to increase the pace.

Expected effects and result

Projektet SeaCharging has created an overall picture of which standards exist today, and what is missing. This is a prerequisite for moving forward in the work of developing standards that favor a transition to electric propulsion in the maritime transport sector. Furthermore, the work to collect knowledge from actors in the sector has as a side effect led to a large part of the relevant the actors being gathered. There are conditions for consolidating this for joint work towards increased maritime electrification, not least in waterborne public transport.

Planned approach and implementation

Projektet SeaCharging was based on the knowledge that existed within the project group, including from the Kaj-El project. A large number of interviews were conducted with actors in the sector. These were also invited to a full-day workshop (on site), where preliminary results were presented and additional knowledge was obtained. Before the start of the project, the project group had identified medium-sized ships and public transport as the segment where the conversion to electric propulsion is the fastest. This has been confirmed during the project.

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Reference number 2022-00657

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