Signe - Crowdfunding of concerts. For organizers and music lovers in the countryside

Reference number
Coordinator SIGNE AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration May 2019 - December 2019
Status Completed
Venture Social innovation - development and testing
Call Test and develop a social innovation – step 1 2019

Purpose and goal

Signe is a platform for crowdfunding of concerts. We are building a platform that enables the process for organizers around the country to raise funding for upcoming concerts - without taking such a huge financial risk. Our goal is to broad the cultural offerings in the countryside and get more actors to dare to organize concerts. Thanks to contributions from Vinnova, we were able to develop a platform where anyone can start a crowdfunding campaign. The result has been successful and we have until now had over 100 successful crowdfunding campaigns. And we have just started...

Expected results and effects

- Over 100 successful campaigns (concerts). - About 15 different organizers have tested our platform. - Over 20,000 concert visitors at one of the events. - Residents of smaller cities are allowed to take part in the cultural offerings. - The artists get more venues to play.

Planned approach and implementation

Signe was supported by Vinnova in the spring of 2019. This gave us the opportunity to develop the beta version we had developed in 2018. We primarily built a back-end part that allows anyone to start their own crowdfunding campaign and find funding for upcoming concerts. Artists, organizers and fans could now start their own campaigns and the results were very positive. After the project we could conclude that we had concerts in 15 different places in Sweden with some of Sweden´s biggest artists.

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