Management system for makerspaces

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Coordinator Stockholm Makerspace
Funding from Vinnova SEK 250 000
Project duration October 2015 - November 2016
Status Completed
Venture Makers
Call Makers Vår 2015

Purpose and goal

This projects goal was to develop a membership management system that can be used on a national level by all of sweden´s makerspaces,release the source code under an open source license and offer the system as a hosted web service for swedish makers. The system is today fully functional and undergoing tests, with all the features we set up in our goals and more. The system is released as open source software and the code can be found at our Github. We have not opened up for organisations to sign up for a hosted service yet, but we have laid down the groundwork needed and it will be offered during 2017.

Expected results and effects

We have received very good feedback from the organisations that are currently testing the system, and we believe that the administrative overhead will be substantially lowered for the makerspaces that use this system, and the to be released hosted solution is a key piece to make it available even for the makerspaces that not are so tech-heavy, and trough this make it possible for those spaces to grow, broadening the Swedish maker movement in the process.

Planned approach and implementation

The project took a lot longer than expected, mainly due to that we realized how many different kinds of organizational structures that exist amongst the makerspaces of sweden and what needs the different structures required out of the system. This led to that testing did not start until the late autumn of 2016 and that the hosted solution is not launched at the end of the project, This is still the plan and will happen during 2017 with the power of volunteer developers instead.

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