Building Cholera Free Communities with the Paid to Poop Model - Sustainably Scaling Sanitation in Low Income Markets

Reference number
Coordinator THE MAD GROUP AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 447 000
Project duration November 2019 - June 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation
Call Challenge-driven innovation - step 1 initiation 2019 (autumn)

Purpose and goal

2.5 billion people lack access to sanitation & water. Lack of infrastructure is seen as a disadvantage, but markets that do not handle waste via sewerage systems can capture nutrients to create bioproducts. This project will investigate placing Swedish components in Ugandan bio toilets to optimize bio-production in low-income markets. In order to ensure community participation, the innovation will be embedded in a circular model that enables the community to generate revenue from the safe management of bioproducts. Users of the toilets would thus be PAID TO POOP!

Expected results and effects

Unifying sanitation actors & testers across Sweden & Uganda to co-create a “Cholera Free Community” focuses all stakeholders on SYSTEMIC IMPACT For the sanitation innovation sector going forward this enables: - Stronger collaboration & learning exchange between sanitation innovators across markets & sectors - A replicable model for building cholera free communities across low income markets - A socially, environmentally & economically sustainable model to scale sanitation globally And an inclusive, circular economy model to be adapted for different social challenges & markets

Planned approach and implementation

Step 1: The project partners will unite a constellation of sanitary innovation actors & testers in Sweden & Uganda under the shared vision of a "Cholera Free Community" -Sweden-based workshops will explore the scientific & economic conditions for adapting Swedish components to Ugandan bio toilets. - A Ugandan site visit to meet users & key stakeholders will explore societal conditions for market introduction In step 2 this constellation will pilot the entire value chain model - from construction & collection, to processing, sales & distribution.

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