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5G Ride - Control Tower

Reference number
Coordinator Kista Science City AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 896 866
Project duration February 2021 - November 2021
Status Completed
Venture Strategic Innovation Program Drive Sweden

Purpose and goal

The objective of the project was to make further developments together and run end-to-end tests with all technology (Control tower, Self-driving vehicle, 5G Network, Edge node and AI) needed to provide a safe ride with a self-driving vehicle, by conducting selected use cases. Further development and testing of the control tower digital checklist Further development and testing of Control tower assistance to the self-driving vehicle Further test of 5G network Knowledge of what is needed to promote a gender equal travel

Expected results and effects

Just as after the first phase of 5G Ride all project-partners, in the consortium, agreed that we never would have been able to find out all the challenges nor solutions if the technology had been developed and tested individually. To develop in close collaboration and test the whole chain end-to-end is a key for success to taking this complex and security-intensive technology forward. After completion of this phase of the 5G Ride project, we can state that the extended Control Tower functionality will be key to enable a safe journey. For detail information, pls read the attached report

Planned approach and implementation

The team decided early that we wanted a demonstration to be performed at the end of the project to be able to show the complete system in an understandable and use-case based way. The goal was set to implement the following ten use-cases during the project, pls read attached report for the description. Auto mission activation Control tower monitoring of vehicle health during startup and drive (checklist verification) Vehicle request remote assistance Handover Auto drive to remote operation Direct control of vehicle from drive station at control tower Handover remote...see report

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