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141 startups share 42 million

Published: 12 June 2020

Now 141 startups with innovative business ideas share 42 million from Vinnova. The companies receive funding to develop new solutions that can contribute to sustainable development and increased competitiveness.

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The companies receive a grant of up to SEK 300,000 for, for example, developing a prototype or developing their business model.

"This grant gives young companies with high-risk projects an opportunity to verify and validate their business to increase the chances of reaching customers, partners or investors," says Emelie Falk, responsible for the call for proposal at Vinnova.

Some of the startup companies receiving funding:

SureCapture Technologies AB, SARS-Cov-2 sensor for fast sensitive virus detection, suitable for use at checkpoints, airports and border controls.

Ligna Energy AB, A battery for large-scale stationary storage of solar and wind energy, which consists of 90 percent organic material, where a large proportion is residual material from the forest.

Skrym AB, A platform that connects packaging manufacturers, transporters and e-retailers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

KosterAlg AB, Development of KRAV-certified macroalgae for restaurants and producers in food production.

Norr Kap Nordic AB, A digital matching function that identifies and highlights how well investment objects meet the goals of Agenda 2030.

Hyptec AB, Development of a technology for the production of "waterproof paper" that can replace plastic in many of today's packaging.

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