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Research and innovation for the future

Published: 31 October 2019

Research and innovation are crucial to providing society with the knowledge needed to find solutions to societal challenges. The Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Forte, the Swedish Space Agency, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova now submit a joint response with proposals for a research and innovation policy for a sustainable society.

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Global and national societal challenges are changing the conditions for sustainable development, growth and welfare in Sweden and the world. In ten years, we will have to adjust to meet the goals of Agenda 2030. In order to succeed with the transition, we need to change the way we live and organize society.

Research and innovation are crucial to providing us with the knowledge needed to find solutions to societal challenges and put them into practice. Therefore, Swedish research and innovation need to be strengthened. We propose that state funds equivalent to at least 1 percent of GDP be allocated for research and development and that the policy meets the research eligibility requirements in the long term.

Our suggestions in brief

Research and innovation are the driving force for a sustainable society

The knowledge that will be needed in the future is created through a balance between research-initiated research and long-term research and innovation initiatives in thematic areas. Reinforcements are needed at all levels, but also at system demonstrators that enable knowledge and innovation to be put into practice and respond to societal challenges and contribute to the competitiveness of business.

Invest in a world-class research infrastructure

To meet the need for advanced research infrastructure and space infrastructure, we must increase investment. At the same time, we need to strengthen researchers' and industry's commitment to infrastructure development and to review how we finance, organize and manage our extensive national research infrastructures.

Efforts for an effective research system

The Swedish research system needs to be developed so that it becomes more efficient and provides better opportunities for research of the highest quality. We need a new model to compensate for indirect costs, and we also need to work on gender equality. The division of responsibilities between financiers and higher education institutions with regard to the employment of researchers needs to become clearer.

Promote European and international research and innovation cooperation

The major societal challenges are global and the solutions we get through international cooperation. We need strategies for our participation in the forthcoming Horisont Europa framework program and we need to strengthen the national support functions for international research and innovation cooperation.


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