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Press release

Innovations for a climate-neutral future

Published: 15 October 2019

Vinnova is now investing SEK 70 million on innovation projects that will contribute to a climate-neutral society. These include public procurement as a climate policy tool, sustainable distribution in e-commerce and how long-term travel in the future can be reconciled with the climate goals.

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The projects receive funding within Vinnova's effort Innovations for a climate-neutral future.

- Innovation is essential if we are to meet the climate goals. Policies and economic impetus play a major role in bringing about a large-scale change, which is why, for example, public procurement and how the financial sector can make an important contribution, says Darja Isaksson, director general of Vinnova.

Two or more parties collaborate in the projects, at least one of which is a research organization.

In total, 15 project funding from Vinnova. Examples of project:

Establish public procurement as a climate policy tool
Coordinator: IVL Svenska Environmental Institute AB
Public procurement has a turnover of approximately SEK 700 billion per year, which gives a very large potential for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The project will develop several new proposals to streamline environmentally adapted public procurement by including, among other things, eligibility requirements for quantitative information on products' climate performance and incentive agreements in the form of bonus systems.

Sustainable distribution in e-commerce: How can climate-smart delivery options be facilitated?
Coordinator: Linköping University
The project will develop knowledge about how e-retailers can design climate-smart delivery options for consumers, using case studies of e-retailers and quantitative consumer surveys. The results provide a basis for designing and pricing new, innovative delivery alternatives that contribute to reduced climate impact from e-commerce distribution. Something that can lead to behavioral changes in consumers and e-retailers.

ESG as a key to improving how the financial sector impacts planetary thresholds and systemic climate risk
Koordinator Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin
The project brings together world-leading soil systems researchers, systems developers, macroeconomists and financial experts to deliver a set of improved environmental evaluation methods that can improve the financial sector's capacity to contribute to a carbon-neutral economy.

Towards a climate-neutral long-distance travel 2045 - technology, travel patterns, high altitude effects
Coordinator: KTH
The purpose is to show solutions that can make long-term travel compatible with the climate goals and to analyze instruments that can realize such a development. The project will study new technical alternatives such as fuel-efficient aircraft, transition to biofuels and new routes for reduced high altitude impact and how it can be combined with different travel patterns and use of travel-free meetings.

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