In-process control of additive manufacturing using laser and filler wire

Reference number
Coordinator GKN AEROSPACE SWEDEN AB - Avd 9634JA
Funding from Vinnova SEK 4 060 000
Project duration November 2019 - December 2022
Status Ongoing
Venture National Aeronautical Research Program 7
Call Research project in aviation technology - spring 2019

Purpose and goal

InAIRwire will increase the knowledge about control and monitoring of robotized metal deposition with laser and wire. The goal is to increase the automation level and process capability with more efficient and sustainable production methods, with higher productivity, increased robustness and ability to guarantee quality of the final product. This through improved control system design and use of new hardware for robust multivariate control, combining different sensor types in order to demonstrate flexibility of geometry and thermal history though control of the process.

Expected results and effects

InAIRwire will contribute to the possibility to offer lighter and more high-quality fabricated or fully manufactured components with increased reliability, increased functionality and greater geometric flexibility, manufactured through more stable automated processes. The project is expected to lead to deeper understanding of temperature monitoring and increased knowledge of the thermal history´s impact on nickel base alloys, as well as a more robust process that utilizes several different types of sensor data to increase system redundancy and guarantee process quality.

Planned approach and implementation

The project has a budget of SEK 8.12 million and runs for 3 years, starting in November 2019. The project will be run as a collaboration between GKN and Högskolan Väst at PTC in Trollhättan. Both parties will generate and evaluate process and sensor data to find appropriate methods that can be used in process control algorithms. The project is divided into six work packages corresponding to the project´s different focus areas; Sensor fusion, Spectral measurements, Thermographic imaging, Multivariate control as well as Knowledge transfer and Project management.

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Last updated 4 July 2019

Reference number 2019-02752

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