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Coordinator Norsjö kommun - Kommunledningskontoret
Funding from Vinnova SEK 788 000
Project duration July 2017 - December 2019
Status Completed
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Purpose and goal

Aim: A simple collection of sensor data that can affect / improve services demanded / used by citizens / customers with interactive potential. Developed methodology through tests and analysis resulting in agile change work. Goal is estimated at 100% since the technical aspects, methodology and citizen dialogue have contributed to refined visualizations of sensor data which provides new services to customer/citizens. The breadth of tests identify challenges such as design and placement that have a direct negative impact on data collection and potential improvement / change.

Expected results and effects

Internal skills enhancement regarding LoRa and sensor technology provides potential for installation and active use in core business. Reduction of manual process steps using sensor data. Involvement of customer / end user important in application and visualization for best results and response. Sensor data can positively affect the work environment in the school. Possibility of real-time visualization on the web and in social media. Simplicity in application of different types of sensors tested. Objective sensor data can contribute to the basis for political decisions.

Planned approach and implementation

2017 identification of various test areas and successful installation of hardware. Methodology and sensors tested and positive dialogue with end users. 2018 data collection, collaboration with the university regarding problems with design and placement. National and international exposure at conferences. Expanding test areas and types of sensors brings interest and focus on work environment / sound levels at the school. 2019 technical preparation for local placement, refinement of data and analysis and presentation format in visualization. Positive feedback from customers.

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