Typing in the dark

Reference number
Coordinator HAJA APPLIKATION AB - Axess Lab
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 410 000
Project duration April 2019 - February 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Digital health
Call Digital tools

Purpose and goal

The purpose of this project is to enable all children to learn how to use the keyboard for computers. The programs that exist today are primarily visual and therefore inaccessible to people with visual impairment. Many people with visual impairments are dependent on their keyboard and keyboard shortcuts to control other technical aids such as screen readers. It makes it important for children with visual impairment to learn the keyboard effectively at an early age. The service is produced according to Design for All and will therefore also work for all other children in the school.

Expected results and effects

An expected effect of the project is that more children with visual impairment will learn how to handle the keyboard with proper fingering and keyboard shortcuts. This allows them to write quickly and efficiently on the computer. Studies have shown that people with dyslexia who performed keyboard training gained better reading comprehension and greater vocabulary, so a possible effect is also that the children and adults who use our service will gain the same effect. Adults who get a visual impairment later in life can use our service to learn how to handle the computer again more quickly.

Planned approach and implementation

We work agile according to Scrum in sprints of 3 weeks. The design process is called Design Thinking method. It puts the user in focus to really understand their needs and their problems so that the developed solutions are based on the users. Source code produced in the project will be made Open Source, so that other enthusiasts within the Open Source world can participate and contribute and build on the results if they wish. Children´s groups from SRF will test the service continuously, and early versions of the web app will be posted immediately to collect feedback from around the world.

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