Iontronics pump for pain therapy

Reference number 2018-03868
Coordinator Linköpings universitet - Department of Science and Technology
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 000 000
Project duration December 2018 - December 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Medtech4Health - medicintekniska samverkansprojekt
Call Medtech4Health: Collaboration projects involving medical technology 2018

Purpose and goal

There is a strong need for new and improved strategies for the treatment of neuropathic pain. This project aims to further develop our promising ion pump technology that enables local continuous or on-demand delivery of drugs without requiring liquid flow. The goals are to verify the function of the ion pump with approved pain relief drugs and evaluate its efficacy in pertinent animal models of pain.

Expected results and effects

In the project, organic electronic delivery devices, ion pumps, will be developed, tested and evaluated with approved drugs in vivo. Through the proposed collaborations, we hope to evidence the effectiveness of using ion pump for peripheral pain relief, propel our technology to the next readiness level and ultimately enable patients suffering from chronic pain to get more effective pain relief.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is divided into three work packages (WP) including the technological development (WP1), animal models of pain (WP2) and IPR considerations (WP3). In brief, ion pump prototypes for peripheral pain relief will be developed, tested with approved drugs, and evaluated in vivo using a clinically relevant pain animal model. In parallel, patent and spin-off potential are handled with the purpose of driving the technology towards a medical device product.

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