Water Monitoring Networks - iWater

Reference number
Coordinator STOCKHOLMS KOMMUN - Miljöförvaltningen
Funding from Vinnova SEK 6 022 000
Project duration May 2018 - November 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture The strategic innovation programme for the Internet of Things
Call 2017-04923-en

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to further develop a digital water monitoring solution for tomorrow´s smart sustainable cities, focusing on access to clean and healthy drinking water for citizens. Water monitoring is currently mostly manually performed, resulting in low temporal and spatial resolution where changes in water quality can not be monitored and detected in time. The project will use cloud-based sensor technology and artificial intelligence to identify changes in water quality and act as an early warning system.

Expected results and effects

The project aims to develop algorithms and multivariate analysis methods for sensor data (eg from conductivity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen) in order to easily identify changes in water quality and what these may be due to. A successful project will result in simplified interpretations of water data and allowing for increased use of digital technology in water monitoring.

Planned approach and implementation

The project will analyze sensor data from Mälaren, the freshwater network and the stormwater networks in Stockholm. Data will be analyzed and algorithms developed. Furthermore, the project will investigate business models, processes and integration of digital water quality monitoring with other digital solutions for smart cities.

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