About FFI

FFI is a partnership programme run jointly by the Swedish state and the Swedish automotive industry that funds research, innovation and development with an emphasis on climate, the environment and safety.

FFI’s purpose

The Strategic vehicle research and innovation programme (FFI) provides around SEK 1 billion per year in funding for research and development activities. Public funds comprise half of this sum. The partnership programme is important, since development in road transports and the Swedish automotive industry play a major role in achieving sustainable growth in Sweden.

FFI’s overarching objectives are:

  • To reduce the environmental impact of road transports
  • To reduce the number of people injured and killed in traffic accidents
  • To strengthen international competitiveness.

FFI’s activities focus on the climate, environment and safety. The programme is divided into five permanent focus areas or sub-programmes. Each sub-programme is governed by its own road map. The programme also includes shorter-term focus areas that are collectively referred to as strategic initiatives, each with its own programme description.

Description of FFI’s sub-programmes and initiatives

Board and secretariat

FFI’s work is based on cooperation and programme agreements signed between the programme’s partners. Its board, whose current members are listed below, is made up of representatives from both government agencies and Sweden’s automotive industry:

  • Ingmar Skogö, Chairman of the Board
  • Jan Ove Östensen, AB Volvo
  • SvenErik Svensson, Volvo Personvagnar
  • Claes Erixon, Scania
  • Fredrik Sidahl, FKG
  • Bertil Moldén, BIL Sweden
  • Charlotte Brogren, Vinnova
  • Erik Brandsma, Swedish Energy Agency
  • Lena Erixon, Swedish Transport Administration

FFI’s secretariat is located at Vinnova’s offices.


If you have any questions about FFI, you are welcome to contact us at the Vinnova office.

Lena Dalsmyr

Programme administrator

+46 8 473 31 61


Last updated 24 April 2020

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