Stagecast - An experience design platform for entertainment & sports events

Reference number 2018-02143
Coordinator STAGECAST AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 871 650
Project duration July 2018 - March 2019
Status Completed
Venture Innovative Startups
Call Innovative Startups phase 2 spring 2018

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project was to create an extensive research together with users as well as potential clients in order to design, develop and test product features within the Stagecast platform that allow vast and rapid scale of the Stagecast product and business. Thanks to this project, major learnings have been gained, iterated as well as translated into product- and business model features. The company is now in a good state preparing for scaling.

Expected results and effects

SC has reached the desired state after a successful project to have the product and business model ready for market penetration. - By having worked thoroughly with selected customers, features have been confirmed and product used in context with over 12 000 users simultaneously - The investment round was initiated in time and the company is considered to be in good shape in order to complete it by Q3 2019. - Minor investigations have been started to plan out the next market after Sweden, contributing to the longer term goal to expand to other countries.

Planned approach and implementation

- The extensive research done in phase 1 (Market and User Research) which was possible to do because of this project lead to great insights and learnings which have shown to be crucial for the company reaching its goals and state as it is today. - The iteration regarding prototyping features have been ongoing throughout the whole project and not only in phase 2 & 3. - By working with customers, the product was used in both larger and more comprehensive events then initally planned (Melodifestivalen, Den Magiska Maskinen, Smukfest etc.) which has lead to a stronger and scalable product.

External links

Our work with Örebrokompaniet and Bright Blue during the projection show Den Magiska Maskinen in December 2018. Our work with Telia Denmark at the danish festival Smukfest documented. Our work with Melodifestivalen & Live Nation documented. The after movie from the company´s own hosted hackathon LiveHacks. This time the hack was focued upon eSport events. The company´s new updated website with both product features- and pricing model displayed

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