Self-lubrication and self-cooling Polymer-Aros Graphene composites

Reference number
Coordinator GraphMaTech AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 983 000
Project duration May 2018 - May 2019
Status Completed
Venture The strategic innovation programme for graphene
Call 2017-04143-en

Purpose and goal

The target of this project is to evaluate and demonstrate the potential of AG potential as an additive in polymer composites for tribological applications. The initial goal in this project was to develop and demonstrate PPS-AG for face gear applications. Failing in compounding has altered the development direction towards another polymer (PA12). The new direction has resulted in a very promising PA-AG self-lubricating composite that has been successfully produced and injection molded at a large scale. The overall goals in the project are still fulfilled despite the target altering.

Expected results and effects

Early in the project, we failed to compound PPS polymer with AG. This has resulted in altering the direction towards a new polymer (PA12) for another industrial component (shifter plunger) after consulting with the component owner Kongsberg Automotive (KA). Developing PA-AG composite was very successful and the originally set targets (e.g. understanding the mechanisms and interactions of AG with matrix) were fulfilled despite the change of the polymer type. The newly developed composite has been produced and injection molded and will be evaluated at full demo scale at KA in Q1 2020.

Planned approach and implementation

The AG for tribology has been identified and characterized. AG has been investigated as an additive in various polymer matrices (PPS, PC and PA). This has expanded the test matrix, which in turn has increased knowledge for the project partner as well as certain delays in the prototype work. Among the composites studied, PA-AG was the most successful, with 60% improvement in friction reduction and dramatic improvement in durability and thermal conductivity. Graphmatech has scaled up the production of PA-AG composite. 10 kg of this composite has been delivered to KA for demo test.

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