Peak Innovation II

Reference number
Coordinator Mid Sweden Science Park AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 12 000 000
Project duration October 2011 - September 2014
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The aim of Peak Innovation´s activities is achieving the vision and create sustainable growth. The long-term overall objectives and the vision is already largely achieved. The companies show a growing interest in business development and R & D collaboration with research environments. The initiative has enabled the creation of positions in the research environments which has had important roles in the co-production and in the contribution to new knowledge and competence in the research environments in general. Even the co-production with industry has developed strongly.

Results and expected effects

Peak Innovation has, in various ways, contributed to: 7 establishments of businesses in the region 13 marketed products / services 3 patents pending 19 prototypes created 12 applications for development funding 2 new processes in companies 11 start-ups 90 participating companies acc. VINNOVA´s category 1 & 2 27 participants academics 36 scientific publications with external examiners Some 70 R & D projects in collaboration with businesses and sports. The influx of R & D requests are increasing from national and international companies as well as from the world of sports

Approach and implementation

The Partnership Board´s agreed action plan, incl. organization and working methods, have been implemented with good results. A reorganization resulted in a period of less activity in parts of the initiative. The reorganization also affected the ongoing evaluation, whose efforts declined over a period. For the same reason some of the international activities were postponed. Resources for development financing, aimed at addressing the needs of companies, could not be fully utilized as intended as the ERUF-application required more effort than planned.

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