Future City Flow

Reference number
Coordinator DHI SVERIGE AB - DHI SVERIGE AB, Göteborg
Funding from Vinnova SEK 9 318 160
Project duration December 2019 - December 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Utmaningsdriven innovation – steg 3 implementering

Purpose and goal

** Denna text är maskinöversatt ** The goal of Future City Flow (FCF) is to develop a decision support system for wastewater infrastructure that is applicable to small and large cities in Sweden and internationally. It should be an effective tool for short-term system optimization and long-term prevention through smarter planning and investments with a focus on additional water. The technical conditions exist. The crucial step is to package these so that they form a natural part of work processes and information flows that all stakeholders can understand and use.

Expected results and effects

** Denna text är maskinöversatt ** With good forecasts and advanced control strategies of the sewerage systems, quick information on bathing water quality can be delivered and less pollution releases. It generates more attractive cities. Optimized control avoids overflow of untreated wastewater and with better decision support you can avoid expensive investments in new infrastructure, invest smarter and avoid extensive costs arising from basement flooding. Investment costs can be lowered and flood damage can be minimized through smarter management and smarter investments.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is implemented in six work packages that are responsible for the development of different parts of the decision support system. In step 3, pilots are scaled up to full-scale implementations. The work includes both continued testing, adjustment and development of commercial usability. In parallel, more experimental development of the next generation of FCF is initiated, which is deemed necessary. FCF is a world leader, but development is fast and in order for FCF to maintain a tight position, the next generation must start now.

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