Fast and Efficient Electromagnetic Solvers FE2MS

Reference number
Coordinator SAAB Aktiebolag - Aeronautics
Funding from Vinnova SEK 3 000 000
Project duration November 2019 - December 2022
Status Ongoing
Venture National Aeronautical Research Program 7
Call Research project in aviation technology - spring 2019

Purpose and goal

The project consists of two parts, part two of which requires part one. Sub-objective 1 consists of initially generating a hybridized FEM-MoM calculation code, either from the base based on published literature, or using open source code. The main objective (sub-objective 2) is to study and develop accelerated solution algorithms for application in electromagnetic calculation technology. In addition, contribute with scientific publications as well as dissemination of knowledge between industry and academia.

Expected results and effects

The project is expected to result in the ability to predict radar scattering from objects with complicated geometry by means of simulations and can include various forms of composite material. With the help of accelerated solution algorithms, a more memory efficient and faster calculation code is expected, which allows larger problems measured in wavelengths to be tackled compared to conventional methods. The ability to design low-signature vehicles is thus expected to significantly improve.

Planned approach and implementation

(1)Initial literature studies are used to identify algorithms suitable for implementation. (2)A FEM-MoM hybrid for experimenting with ACA acceleration is constructed either from the ground up based on published literature, or using open source. (3)The user interface will initially consist of text files. (4)Particular attention is paid to the handling of materials and their connection to MoM degrees of freedom at the edge of the problem area.

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Last updated 4 July 2019

Reference number 2019-02762

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