E! Celtic-Plus 5G PERFECTA

Reference number 2018-00735
Coordinator Ericsson AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 9 969 996
Project duration August 2018 - December 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture EUREKA cluster co-funding 

Purpose and goal

Meet challenges in 5G: develop Quality of Experience (QoE) requirements from user perspective for low latency services; identify and develop Quality of Service (QoS) and QoE related data sources and create new models; develop machine learning and analysis methods for real-time systems with requirements on resource efficient distributed computation and create smart, intelligent software based on technologies for streaming data and machine learning for monitoring and automatic network management, locally and globally in real-time.

Expected results and effects

The expected key results are: 1) automated resource management for applications where the user experience is as important as the network service’s performance; 2) optimized service delivery and resource management suitable for fulfilling requirements of critical services in a 5G environment. We expect, with our results, to improve the quality of services for services like high-quality video delivery over 5G, and enable 5G networks to deliver business critical services to industries with sufficiently high and reliable service quality.

Planned approach and implementation

The consortium is carefully selected based on technical competence within critical technical areas, such as QoE/QoS, measurement technologies, network infrastructure, management and control of networks, optimization of time-critical services, and AI and machine learning for decentralized systems. The main focus is efficient information management, analysis and machine learning applications for managing control of 5G networks. Key technical results from the project are planned to be demonstrated in a scenario for mobile applications of information streaming.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been examined by our editors.