White Label Social Impact

Reference number
Funding from Vinnova SEK 436 000
Project duration January 2013 - September 2013
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

During this project: - 12 students experienced a multi-disciplinary social innovation process; - these students developed a simple instruction containing two methods to measure social impact; - and connected with 250 people in Farsta for intensive research; - based on the outcomes, they developed an online portal that showcases the stories of 15 people in Farsta; - which in combination with 2 offline events has reached more than 4.000 people worldwide.

Results and expected effects

The online portal showcases the people of Farsta which has resulted in a new identity for the area. In combination with offline events this has potential to increase the social cohesion in Farsta in the long run. During the project we also developed a simple instruction describing two methods that measure social impact that Swedish entrepreneurs can use to measure and validate their social impact on society.

Approach and implementation

The project has consolidated a process for social innovation based on multidisciplinary co-creation and human centred design. Based on this experience we would recommend the use of this process but with a smaller team to avoid loss of energy and resources due to the size of the group. The final design can be replicated in other areas of Sweden but would have to be tailored to the local needs.

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