Reference number
Coordinator Swin Technologies AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 000 000
Project duration November 2018 - November 2020
Status Completed
Venture Från linjär till cirkulär
Call Fashiontech och foodtech

Purpose and goal

The project has been implemented with one large European brans and 10+ manufacturers to track the materials across the entire value chain at LOT level, record the waste generated at each stage and by 4 brands to communicate the circularity of the product using unique ID on the garments. The same is being now discussed for large scale roll-out with 2 major sportswear group across Europe and 1500+ suppliers across Asia over the next 6 months. Our consumer communication tools are accessed by 5000+ users on a monthly basis to understand how circular a product is before they purchase.

Expected results and effects

Using digital solutions, we have enabled various stakeholders 1) easy access to circular materials and design guidelines 2) ability to easily track waste streams during production lifecycle 3) measure and communicate the circularity aspects of the product 4) corelate the availability of information on product circularlity to the sales 5) uniquely identify the finished goods and materials during the various stages of the lifecycle. This has enabled users to simulate how being more circular could impact various aspects of the business and take incremental steps towards circularity

Planned approach and implementation

Through the project, we are able to understand the potential complexities in large scale implementations and how to overcome them. Alignment on a common data model + Easy way to integrate the physical tag on garments and materials (combination of QR + Crypto/RFID) + business model alignment (pricing of waste streams) + Impact analysis of design changes on the entire system (from material availabilty to supply chain changes needed etc.,) + Simplified way to communicate different circularity aspects using one score are identified as key aspects for successful implementation

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