Landfill mining 2.0 - development of concepts and measures for better profitability and environmental performance

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Coordinator Linköpings universitet - Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 340 000
Project duration October 2014 - December 2017
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

This project aims to develop concepts, strategies and measures for making landfill mining a viable activity for individual actors and for society at large. Essential issues to be addressed are: Which are the most critical challenges for realizing landfill mining in a profitable and environmentally motivated way? To what extent and in which different ways can these challenges be addressed by technical, organizational, policy and market measures and changes? and Which are the incentives and capacity of different societal actors in implementing such measures and changes.

Expected results and effects

Beyond applicable landfill mining concepts, the project is expected to identify key actors for facilitating implementation, provide guidance on essential topics for further knowledge and technology development and specify needs for changes in policy and market conditions. Such a foundation of knowledge will make it possible for Swedish companies to take a world leading position in this rapidly emerging knowledge and business area.

Planned approach and implementation

The realization of the project involves close collaboration between researchers and industrial actors within the Swedish waste and recycling sectors. A system perspective is applied in which case studies, systems analysis evaluations and interviews are combined in order to assess critical challenges for profitability and environmental performance and develop applicable concepts, strategies and measures for facilitating landfill mining implementation.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

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Reference number 2014-03405

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