From space to food: IP strategy for greener farming with space technologies

Reference number 2018-04912
Coordinator VULTUS AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 100 000
Project duration January 2019 - July 2019
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

Vultus, wants to develop a broader strategy, to work with IP within all parts of the organization. Since we work in a very research and development heavy sector, with an API based business model, that is connected with many different actors, we have a large need to work with IP strategy. The purpose, is to support Vultus ability to commercialize, and leverage existing and future development. The goal, is to create a strategy, adjusted for our specific needs, that all parts of our organization work with.

Expected results and effects

Connected to our development, we plan to develop deeper strategies, for handling and licensing of our IP towards distributors. Our product managers, will receive a better understanding, for how different development decisions affect IP. Our sales personnel, will be able to inform customers about the unique services, enabled by our IP. As a result of working with IP, we will create better long and short term circumstances, for a national and international commercialization.

Planned approach and implementation

The first step, will be to explore the commercial drivers behind the continued development of our IP. Thereafter, we will examine where in our business model, there is IP and where it can be exploited. In this step, we will also make an inventory, of our technology and cooperation related to IP. Based on this work, an IP strategy will be developed. The strategy, will thereafter be implemented, and communicated throughout the company. We will continuously follow up on the IP work, and strategy, to create a long term habit of IP work.

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