Reference number 2016-01627
Coordinator OHB SWEDEN AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 640 000
Project duration April 2016 - March 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture ECSEL

Purpose and goal

The purpose of AMASS is to assess the objectives: Multi-Concern Assurance, Seamless Interoperability, and Cross/Intra-Domain Reuse. - Seamless link to System Modelling (Behaviour, Safety, Security, etc.) - Seamless link to Process Modelling (phases, responsibilities, workproducts, etc. in compliance with ECSS-Q-ST-80C) - Automatic generation of assurance artifacts (e.g., product as well as process-based arguments). - Systematic reuse of process and product-based engineering and assurance artifacts. - Methodological support and guidelines for the objectives.

Expected results and effects

Expected results with AMASS: - Seamlessly integrated tools to semi-automate the qualification process, minimize manual work and produce reusable assurance artefacts. - Reusable process/requirements mapping with automated generation of arguments for performing compliance analysis. - Increased reuse of process- and product components.

Planned approach and implementation

Implementation: 1: As end-user identify and define user cases - State of practice w.r. State of art. 2: Evaluate user cases and define requirements. 3: Develop methods and functions in the AMASS platform. 4: As end-users, evaluate the result by comparing State of Practice w.r. State of Art.

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