DePILOT: Above and Beyond Line of Sight Drone Control

Reference number 2018-04325
Coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB - RISE SICS AB, Kista
Funding from Vinnova SEK 496 158
Project duration November 2018 - November 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Banbrytande idéer inom industriell utveckling
Call Banbrytande idéer inom industriell utveckling 2018

Purpose and goal

The extraordinary potential of aerial drones is hampered by the way we control them. Low-level piloting interface create a strict coupling between the drone pilot and the flying device. This limits how we employ this technology in businesses processes and company workflows. DePILOT seeks to foster a novel kind of interaction between humans and drones that does not require co-location or special training. We will pursue a preliminary investigation on how to break such a coupling by enabling Beyond Line of Sight drone control as well as by redefining the piloting interfaces.

Expected results and effects

We will develop i) preliminary solutions for latency-bounded back-to-back data transfer, to ensure the navigation inputs truthfully correspond to current situations and piloting actions are received in a timely fashion, ii) interfaces that seamlessly enable drone control without requiring Line of Sight or constant attention; iii) tuning of the underlying network technology supporting such a pilot-drone interaction. We will thus provide a different design point, whereby human control is retained to certain extents, but raised to a whole new level.

Planned approach and implementation

We will organize the work in three work packages. WP1 will work on low-latency embodied drone control, exploring what interfaces possibly enable the kind of high-level, embodied human-drone interaction the project seeks to design. WP2 will work on network configuration and tuning. Based on the output of WP1, we will explore how current network technologies, and especially the upcoming 5G network architecture, may be configured and tuned to fulfil the relevant requirements. WP3 will seek integration and oversee the project evolution.

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