A small-molecule therapy to reactivate the immunological response to cancer

Reference number 2018-04662
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration December 2018 - June 2019
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

Immunscape will progress our first-in-class drug candidates as a single immuno-oncological treatment and a complement to immune checkpoint inhibitors to eliminate cancer. An optimised drug candidate derived from Immunscape´s existing proprietary lead series is expected to have have an important role in the rapidly growing immuno-oncology market. We will identify candidates ready for non-clinical safety studies, prepare the program for clinical trials and provide a well prepared case attractive to the market.

Expected results and effects

An attractive novel drug candidate package with validated plans for the preparations of clinical studies. This package provides the foundation to attract more financing from EU SME phase 2 instrument and investor funding and suitable partnering opportunities. Ultimately this program is expected to play an important role in the successful immunotherapies for cancer patients and will in addition provide the basis for the expansion of a novel Swedish drug discovery and development company.

Planned approach and implementation

Evaluation of market feasibility and the strengthening of business plan to identify optimal market by continued close discussions and negotiations with potential partners and end users Prepare plans to prepare and conduct clinical trials in collaboration with preclinical, clinical and regulatory consultants. Preclinical development and validation to select and evaluate optimal candidate drugs. Develop the IPR strategy and draft of a ready-to-file patent application to protect our proprietary composition of matter.

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