New learning portal for skills enhancement in industry

Published: 8 July 2020

Many people in the industry have been laid off as a result of the corona pandemic. The authorities, employers' organizations, trade unions and the business community are now joining forces in a pilot project that offers free digital education where the industry is given the opportunity to invest in skills development and develop its competitiveness.

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The large and rapid technological shifts impose new competence requirements on employees in industry and production chains become more knowledge intensive. Companies must develop competence in order to maintain their competitiveness, while at the same time it is important for individuals to be competently attractive to employers. The need for better skills development solutions is increasing and the learning portal that is now being launched offers industrial companies free training within the framework of the project.

- I Sverige has many opportunities for education, but it must be easier to find the supply and understand what is worthwhile. This pilot project develops and tests new technical solutions, while at the same time creating direct benefits for companies and employees. The initiative is an important part of a larger system where it is important to create a well-functioning whole, says Alexander Alvsilver, Vinnova's administrator.

The learning portal provides a wide range of quality-assured training courses that meet the labor market's competence needs and also serves as a forum for collegial exchanges. The training at the learning portal is based on identified competence needs in areas such as 3D printing, 5G connection in production, human-robot collaboration and computer science. The programs include Production2030, the University of Applied Sciences and Swedish and foreign universities.

The fact that everything is gathered on one platform makes it easier for companies to find training from many different suppliers in one place. The companies can also be helped to adapt the skills development to the needs of the company and its employees.

The cooperation has been initiated within the framework of the government's partnership programmes for skills provision and lifelong learning. Vinnova supports the government in its work on the collaboration program.

Behind the focus on the learning portal are the authorities Vinnova, Tillväxtverket and the Swedish Agency for Vocational College, employers' organizations Teknikföretagen and Industrial Employers, trade unions IF Metall, Sveriges Ingenjörer and the Union and Combient. The learning portal is developed by Collegial, which is part of Combient Group. The project is funded by Europeiska Socialfonden with SEK 22 million until 2021.


Alexander Alvsilver

Administrative Officer

+46 8 473 30 55

<p>We're making several investments in innovations in the wake of the corona crisis. The aim is to fund and promote initiatives that can support society in a challenging time.</p>

Published: 4 May 2020

<p>Improving your staff's competence is crucial to mitigate the crisis. We're supporting an e-learnin initiative that helps employers.</p>

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