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Workshop for conversion to a sustainable textile system

Organised by: Vinnova Göteborg Tue 21 Jun 2022 at 11:30-18:00

Welcome to a workshop in Gothenburg where we co-create around Vinnova's effort on system demonstrators for a sustainable textile system and where we take the first steps to get this in place.

This web page has been machine translated. If there are any uncertainties, please refer to the Swedish text.

In 2022, Vinnova will fund feasibility studies that will prepare for the construction of system demonstrators. We want to take a holistic approach and gather strength around what does not otherwise happen. Do you want to be a part of realizing this?

Today, the textile and fashion industry is a resource-intensive and polluting industry where the environmental and health impact is great in all parts of the textile value chain. That is, from raw material, through production and consumption, to waste management. Vinnova is planning an effort where solutions for switching to a sustainable textile system are tested in reality. The focus is on achieving changes at the system level in the long term by developing system demonstrators.

What is a system demonstrator?

A system demonstrator shows the way for - demonstrates - how strategically selected solutions together can change a system in one direction. A system demonstrator shows not only technical innovation in various sub-areas, but also how, for example, behaviors, culture, regulations, digital interfaces and markets need to change in order for the intended change to be achieved. A system demonstrator is therefore carried out in a real context, where relevant actors in the entire system come together to identify opportunities, obstacles and choices. It is the interplay between the solutions and reality that is the key.

Actors both in the textile industry and outside are warmly welcome to participate. We encourage you who do not work with the textile system today but who have ideas for cross-industry initiatives to attend the meeting. The purpose is to mobilize the system around a number of key challenges to switch to a sustainable textile system. Vinnova intends to finance some feasibility projects this autumn to lay the foundation for future system demonstrators.


11:45 Joint lunch

13:00 Introduction and inspiration

14:00 Workshop moment

16:00 Conclusions and the next step

17:00 Mingle

18:00 End

Sometimes we photograph or video record our activities. If you don't want to participate in photos or videos, please let us when you arrive.


Anna Ottenhall

Programme Manager

+46 8 473 30 71

Last updated 10 May 2022

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