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Swedish possibilities within Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Bokomslag Swedish possibilities within Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Swedish possibilities within Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

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This report discusses the current state and activities of an emerging and fastmoving knowledge field: that of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, or TERM for short. In the present study, TERM is defined as medical treatments, be they biological or synthetic, which enhance, repair or replace cells, tissues and organs using bioengineered materials, cellular technologies as well as some forms of implants.

There are indications that Sweden and Swedish players can take an active role in contributing to the field as well as reaping its returns. Exactly how the field and its associated industries will evolve is highly uncertain and this goes for the timeframe of clinical applications as well as viable business models.

The aim of this study is to understand the Swedish position in an international comparison with that of some of the leading nations globally: two European countries, Germany and the UK; one Asian player, Japan; and the US (where interviews were focused in one state, California). The countries in focus have despite their difference in size, been chosen since they stand for a major part of the scientific and industrial development of the field. Players in these countries to a large extent form the TERM development and it is also with individual players in these countries Swedish research environments and companies are likely to compete and collaborate. Another aim is to identify what initiatives could stimulate knowledge creation and innovation processes leading to new therapies and products beneficial to patients and which might also ultimately contribute to economic growth in Sweden. The analysis in the report is based on a number of complementary sources including literature studies, interviews, mapping of academic and industrial players, bibliometric data as well as a mapping of public initiatives.

VA 2009:04
Annika Rickne - Lund University and the Dahmén Institute & Anna Sandström - Vinnova
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