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First evaluation of CTS - Centre for Transport Studies and LIGHTHOUSE

Bokomslag First evaluation of CTS - Centre for Transport Studies and LIGHTHOUSE
VR 2010:19
Michael vom Baur, Atilla Incecik, James Odeck & Per Stenius
Antal sidor

In this evaluation report Vinnova present the first evaluations of the centers LIGHTHOUSE and CTS.

To provide world leading competence forum for collaboration between the private and public sectors, universities and colleges, research institutes and other organizations that conduct research are vital for small and internationally dependent countries like Sweden. The need to focus its efforts on strong, internationally distinguished R&I milieus is a critical factor to promote sustainable growth. Internationally strong research and innovation milieus (R&I milieus) are one of the most important competitive factors in the face of global competition.

The evaluation of Phase 1 is focused on the measures taken to build an effective organization and the potential for long-term development. This is an opportunity for evaluation teams to give advice and recommendations on how each centre can be even more efficient and effective. It is also an opportunity for the scientific experts to get to learn about the centre at an early stage and discuss scientific issues that are critical for the future.

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