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This is about Change

Ten years as an on-going evaluator of the Triple Steelix initiative

Book cover This is about Change
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VR 2016:05
Jan Messing - JLM Konsult
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In this report, the author describes his role as an on-going evaluator working within the Triple Steelix Vinnväxt initiative over a period of ten years, what type of activities were carried out and their results. It is Vinnova’s hope that the report will provide a source of inspiration, but also that it will shed light on what on-going evaluation means in practice, what role it can play in complex development processes and how it contributes to their development.

Vinnväxt is one of Vinnova’s longest-running programmes. Its first call for proposals was issued in 2002 and new calls for proposals have been issued on a recurring basis ever since. Fifteen regionally-based growth initiatives have been funded under the programme’s auspices. The longest-running among these are now in their 13th year of operation.

Vinnväxt also introduced on-going evaluation as a key part of the learning strategy that forms part of the programme.

For Swedish version see “Det handlar om förändring” (Vinnova Rapport VR 2015:05).

Last updated 15 December 2022

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