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Funding from Vinnova SEK 377 000
Project duration November 2014 - July 2015
Status Completed
Venture Traffic safety and automated vehicles -FFI
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Purpose and goal

Project Series SPRAY has initiated the feasibility study SPRAY 1 and thus the first step taken towards the ultimate goal to provide the Swedish automotive tools standing at the forefront of ADAS functions that can handle severe weather conditions. This will be achieved by equipping AstaZero with a testing method and equipment in order to validate the predictive and warning sensors and camera products which constitute some of the main building blocks of ADAS. SPRAY series will partners from both the automotive and non-automotive industry, and universities to strengthen Swedish skills development in the research field and the adjacent R & D activities. The desired test method and skills to be developed on AstaZero will mean having the opportunity to methodically develop new knowledge that can soon be implemented in the future ADAS system and how its integration in vehicles should be designed to reduce the impact of various forms of reduced visibility

Results and expected effects

The results of the basic tests that we carried out in SPRAY 1 demonstrates a clear need to move towards improved methods of weather-independent test environments of cameras and sensors in future vehicles assistant security.

Approach and implementation

As initial work was carried out a situational analysis, a review of the relevant test conditions and visits to companies with operations that were considered able to bring complementary knowledge and serve as potential partners in SPRAY2 Business intelligence To clarify what needs that can already be identified among the existing technologies and vehicle manufacturers surveyed the sensor types available today and how they work in general and how they operate in worse weather. In addition, identified some examples of scenarios in which today´s sensors and algorithms fall short in poor weather conditions Test Conditions Repeatability, economy and security are the key parameters that will control test method development in SPRAY. Analysis The results of the basic tests that we carried out in SPRAY 1 demonstrates a clear need to move towards improved test methods.

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Reference number 2014-05601

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