New solutions for mid-IR and UV laser delivery

Reference number
Coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB - RISE Acreo SMED Hudiksvall
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 000 000
Project duration October 2017 - June 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft
Call Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft - 2017 vår

Purpose and goal

The project focuses on requirements from laser-based material processing, where optical fiber is often used to transport the light from the laser source to the processing point. There is a need for improved fiber optic solutions that can carry laser light with very high pulse energies and/or at wavelengths outside of traditional fiber optic transmission bands. The project aims to develop fiber optic beam delivery solutions for these lasers.

Expected results and effects

The project is expected to result in verified technologies for new types of fiber optic cables adapted for the transport of laser light with high pulse energy and/or for wavelengths outside of traditional fiber optic transmission bands. A first prototype should be ready at the end of the project.

Planned approach and implementation

Simulation tools and manufacturing methods will be adapted to the ARROW fiber that is studied in the project. Opto-modules and cables are modified to the wavelengths and optical powers that will be studied. A number of experimental iterations are expected in the project, where fiber and components are produced and tested.

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Last updated 8 January 2019

Reference number 2017-03232

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