Flattr sociala microbetalningar - Utvidgning till nya länder, metoder och kulturer

Reference number
Coordinator FLATTR AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 320 000
Project duration March 2011 - August 2011
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

Research and development of systems needed for crowd-sourcing the translation of the Flattr website was done. To date, four new languages are available with multiple translations and more to come. Research of what payment solution is needed to reach a certain market has been done. Seven prominent local european payment options covering most of the major local ways of internet payments has been added. The research with MEDEA has resulted in an extensive report that covers cultural differences as well as best ways to communicate the Flattr concept to the large cultures/countries.

Results and expected effects

This project has given us a great foundation and the understanding we need to reach the cultural markets that we did not prior to this project. It will also help us in the long term to set goals, prioritize regions and cultures. The localization of Flattr has also made local partnerships possible. The first cooperation is with Telenors ISP: Bredbandsbolaget. This Vinnova project has even further strengthened our position as market leader in the social micro-payments field. This gives us a much better position if/when any competing company is entering the market.

Approach and implementation

- Expand the Flattr service with four additional languages. Today Flattr is available in five different languages. - Development of system to do any number of future translations. We can now do any number of translations via the system built. - Add at least four new local payment methods. Seven local European payment options covering all major local ways of internet payments are now available. - Understand the differences in culture for potential target markets. Was done in cooperation with MEDEA to understand the social and cultural differences of potential target markets.

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