Evaluation of multispectral material analysis for online application in board making

Reference number
Coordinator INNVENTIA AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 077 000
Project duration August 2015 - June 2016
Status Completed
Venture Strategic innovation programme for process industrial IT and automation – PiiA

Purpose and goal

The main goal is to evaluate the possibilities to use a 2D NIR scanner to achieve an online multispectral analysis of the entire produced area in high spatial resolution in board production. Through analysis of the wavelength spectrum outside the visible wavelength interval, completely new information is gained about variations in moisture and material. A second goal is to list the requirements for such a technique for implementation in an online WIS (Web Inspection System) on a board machine.

Expected results and effects

The result of the project is a description of how to apply the method online. Detection of variations in moisture and filler have been studied, prediction of dryness and identification and classification of spots have been made. The report also includes a discussion on the requirements for such a technique when implementing it on a board machine. In a next step an implementation of the technique in a test rig or a board mill is planned, where the measurements can be used to optimize production for better process and product properties.

Planned approach and implementation

A laboratory setup with a 2D NIR scanner is available at Innventia. This has in the project been adjusted as regards data handling, analysis methods and models for online measurements. The NIR wavelength spectra mean that different material components have been detected. For an online implementation the most suitable illumination method, the required spectral resolution and accuracy of measurements have been investigated.

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Reference number 2015-02412

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