DigitaWell Arena

Reference number 2018-03025
Funding from Vinnova SEK 18 000 000
Project duration November 2018 - December 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Vinnväxt
Call 2016-05350-en

Purpose and goal

A long-term venture through Vinnväxt is expected to establish an effective innovation system for data-driven innovation of digital welfare services, where business actors, public sector, academia and civil society organizations have developed a good ability to interact for conversion and innovation. DigitalWell Arena aims to become a leader in the development of digital health services, both nationally and internationally, whilst combining high accessibility with quality and cost-effectiveness.

Expected results and effects

As a result it is expected that the private sector has increased its ability to renewal and long-term growth within a growing market and has established itself as a innovative partner to the public sector through successful implementations. New ways to scale and spread innovations has been formed. The effect is regional attractiveness, growth in business, a forefront public sector and strengthened research. The civil society has gained increased self-empower and health due to the new digital services.

Planned approach and implementation

The strategy is based on making the public sector an active innovation driver, that creates increased growth in business. DigitalWell Arena organizes and conducts R&D in health care as a service, and forms new structures to lead service innovation in the public sector. To enable transformation it is needed to bring together the public sector, ICT companies, research and users on a mutual platform. Therefore we DigitalWell arena will form an innovation ecosystem to support shared knowledge and co-creation.

External links

www.digitalwell.eu www.compare.se

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