Development of AQP9 inhibitors for improved treatment of diabetes and prevention of comorbidities

Reference number 2018-03226
Coordinator Apoglyx AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 806 300
Project duration November 2018 - August 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture SWElife Steg 2
Call 2018-02544-en

Purpose and goal

The long term goal is to develop a novel, safe diabetes therapy for oral administration, which through a unique mechanism of action (reduced liver glucose production via specific inhibition of glycerol uptake through Aquaporin-9 into the hepatocytes) normalises blood glucose levels and has other positive effects on diabetes-related complications, and thereby improves the quality of life for people with diabetes. The specific objective of the present project is to select a clinical candidate drug for scaled-up production and safety testing before proceeding into clinical trials.

Expected results and effects

The project is expected to provide robust and relevant information to support the decision to proceed with the candidate drug into development, including: * Results confirming the primary, blood glucose lowering effect and to provide evidence of important secondary effects in vivo * Clear profiling and possible positioning of the future product, based on an in-depth analysis of the specific unmet medical needs in the diabetes area * Characterisation of pharmacological, toxicological and solid phase properties of the candidate molecule * Plan for scale-up of production

Planned approach and implementation

The project will be performed in three parts (Work packages) over a period of approximately 20 months. WP1: Market analysis, product- and regulatory strategies, project management WP2: Validation of the candidate drug´s pharmacological properties and safety profile, including studies in relevant disease models (preclinical Proof-of-Concept) WP3: Validation of the candidate molecule´s chemical and manufacturing properties, including studies of solid phase propterties, formulation, analytical methods, and evaluation of large-scale manufacturing process

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