Data driven sustainable lifestyle

Reference number 2018-03143
Coordinator Swedish Development Group AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 900 000
Project duration January 2019 - July 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Innovative Startups
Call Innovative Startups Step 2 autumn 2018

Purpose and goal

The project will create a prototype of Deedster as a digital coach for a more climate smart lifestyle. Based on the actual buying transactions of the users and combined with the resulting climate footprint, the users are grouped. With the use of AI, Deedster will map the buying patterns and discover areas where there are potential to reduce the climate impact. Based on this information, the user could then easily and systematically reduce their own impact in ways suitable for her/him.

Expected results and effects

Deedster will bring direct benefits through the reduced climate impact that is the result of the users engagement. The goal is to half the climate footprint of the users of the platform in 5 years and this project will increase the efficiency in Deedster reaching that target. When we can implement a full-scale version of the prototype from this project, we believe we can increase retention with 50%. That number will be validated during this project.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is divided in 3 phases and 7 work packages. During the first phase we will connect to a partner bank, fetch the buying transactions and connect relevant climate data per sector. In phase two we build one engine for climate data and one for categorising the user groups. In the last phase we build the ML support for recommendations of deeds and the user design of the functionality.

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