AstaZero suitability - Digital AstaZero

Reference number
Coordinator ASTAZERO AB - AstaZero AB, Göteborg
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 029 000
Project duration October 2018 - April 2020
Status Completed
End-of-project report 2018-02701svenska.pdf(pdf, 241 kB) (In Swedish)

Purpose and goal

The project aims to increase AstaZero´s expertise in the generation and use of OpenDRIVE maps and other digital representations. Expande understanding of the needs of the future when it comes to data sets, formats and new/future methods for validation and testing for ADAS and self-driving vehicles. How this data and methods can be used for more efficient testing.

Expected results and effects

WP1: Identified many future formats that we consider to be important such as OpenSCENARIO, 3D mesh formats .fbx, .obj etc. But above all the importance of the formats being open. How these formats can be used to increase efficiency. WP2: Provided OpenDRIVE maps of the parts of AstaZero that were not newly built or dismantled during the project, as well as point clouds over Supermultilane. WP3: First tool chain created for automatic generation of temporary environments on AstaZero in OpenDRIVE. WP4: Created collaboration project for distribution and collection of relevant sensor data.

Planned approach and implementation

WP1: Investigate methods relevant to the future (virtual testing / validation / development etc.) through research projects, conferences and literature reading. Identify relevant open formats thereafter. WP2: Understand the OpenDRIVE format, build your own OpenDrive maps. Procurement regarding point clouds and HD-OpenDRIVE maps. WP3: Extract relevant data from point clouds but minimal hand application. Create OpenDRIVE maps with extracted data. WP4: Investigate possible AstaZero sensor data collection platforms. Create new FFI projects as this is a larger project.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

Last updated 23 June 2020

Reference number 2018-02701

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