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AnywISE IoT - Accurate Indoor localizatoin via pareto SEnsor fusion for Internet of Things

Reference number
Coordinator Jagah Systems AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 000 000
Project duration December 2014 - December 2017
Status Completed

Important results from the project

Validation of Perceived value of geo-attribution and geo-based retargeting tested by realtime DSP data access, and to validate a relevant Business model structure and specific geobased Kpi´s in order to reach maturity of the project and underlaying technology/algorithms in order to approach external funding options.

Expected long term effects

Testing weather mobile users localization and location history analysed by our novel algorithms can operate as a kind of real-world cookie that can provide deep audience insights. Further testing weather digital-to-offline attribution has a measurable value if geo-attribution through simulations in dialoge with relevant industry partners.

Approach and implementation

The hypothesis if mobile geo-targeting based upon novel algorithms has been quantified. Further analyzing programmatic business model assumption what kind of value, and what location based KPI´s this hyperlocal data creates, referring to a mobile audience within the programmatic adtech space. Quantified test-results has been performed during this milestone.

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