Mass testing of antibodies against Covid-19

Published: 9 June 2020

Reliable coronate tests are deemed paramount to be able to reopen the society. Vinnova is now funding a KTH-led project that will enable mass testing of antibodies against Covid-19, using a home test kit.

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KTH collaborates with KI, Previa and three smaller companies to quickly scale up a technology developed at SciLifeLab in Stockholm. The company Capitainer has developed the test kit, which allows the sample to be easily collected at home and sent by mail for analysis. A drop of dried blood is enough to measure antibodies to eight different types of viral protein, unlike the tests currently on the market that only measure antibodies to one type of viral protein.

The project will develop methods and processes for handling large quantities of samples. The tests can help companies and organizations hard hit by the crisis to quickly get the business back on track. Previa works with occupational health care and participates in being able to offer the test to companies that want their staff tested.

It is hoped that the tests will begin to be made commercially in November and after the project ends in March next year, up to 4,500 tests per day will be analyzed. Vinnova finances the project with SEK 2 million.

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