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From couch tourism to the treatment of Covid-19 with stem cells

Published: 7 May 2020

Couch tourism, a virtual assistant for children in need of support and innovation in health and food. Now 18 project get funding to contribute to rapid and sustainable change in the wake of the corona crisis.

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New solutions are needed to meet both the urgent and the longer-term needs that arise in the wake of the crisis. Vinnova is now funding 18 project that will contribute to a rapid and sustainable transition in everything from diagnostics and treatment of Covid-19 to new solutions for coordinated home deliveries and digital tourism.

"The projects all take off in clear needs that have arisen in the wake of the crisis and must develop solutions that can be used within a year, but it is also important that they are long-term sustainable and contribute to the restart Sweden needs," says Erik Borälv, responsible for the initiative Innovations in the wake of the crisis.

The 18 projects can share just under SEK 17 million. The next round or application round closes on June 10.

Examples of project:


The Stockholm City Museum and Fabel Kommunikation AB plan to let more people take part of Stockholm's cultural heritage through live broadcast city walks with active participation at a distance. The project explores technical possibilities, user value and willingness to pay which can then be spread to others. It concludes with digital life tourism during the 100-year celebration of the UNESCO World Heritage Forest Cemetery.

Coordinator: Fabel Kommunikation AB

Virtual assistant for children in need of support

Together with a software company, Bris wants to develop a virtual assistant that can give more children the opportunity to support already in the queue, and also simplifies for Bris curators to get into the children's situation quickly.

Coordinator: Bris - Children's rights in society

Treatment of covid-19 with stem cells

The project will accelerate a preclinical study of covid-19 treatment with stem cells, with the goal of being able to develop a life-saving treatment for patients with severe and deadly lung symptoms.

Coordinator: Xintela AB

Large-scale coordinated home deliveries

The project will build a scalable, automated and rational process from purchasing in grocery store to delivery home to customer with, for example, taxis to people at risk and with an unbroken refrigeration chain.

Coordinator: Lindholmen Science Park AB, Closer

Innovative logistics solution for quarantine restaurants

The project will develop a solution to ensure that people in quarantine can safely access nutritious and sustainable food as well as the survival of restaurants. This is to be done by developing and testing an ordering and distribution system of food boxes and groceries for people in quarantine with the help of restaurants, carriers, aid organizations and volunteers.

Coordinator: Stiftelsen Chalmers Industrial Engineering

Quick business changeover for respiratory protection production

The project will quickly modify one of Electrolux Filter AB:s's production lines, which today manufacture vacuum cleaner bags, into a highly efficient disposable respirator. The transition requires several innovative solutions. By the beginning of June, approximately 250,000 respiratory protection should be produced per week. Karolinska Institutet is involved in the project.

Coordinator: RISE Research Institutes or Sweden AB, RISE Biologisk function, Borås

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<p>We're making several investments in innovations in the wake of the corona crisis. The aim is to fund and promote initiatives that can support society in a challenging time.</p>

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