High demand for funding for innovations to mitigate the crisis

Published: 28 April 2020

Health, education and food are the most common areas among the applications that came to the call for proposal for Innovations to mitigate the crisis. There are an unusually large number of small businesses among the applicant, which reflects the urgent need for support that exists among small businesses and start-ups.

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The offer is open until September 18 and the applications are evaluated in several rounds, of which the first round will now be assessed by experts. As competition is fierce, there are some things that are especially important to consider for those who want a chance to get a grant for their project.

- To show that the need for a solution is great, it is important to have a clear and strong need owner, ie an actor who really needs the solution. It is often a prerequisite for it to have the potential to be good and make great use, says Erik Borälv, who is responsible for the investment at Vinnova.

If the organization requesting the solution represents an entire area, industry or region, it is easier to show how the solution can be spread to more people and thus make greater use.

- We have seen applications involving, for example, large employers who want to receive early education from another industry, industry representatives in tenders and transport who more collectively want to work with home deliveries, or a public operator who coordinates the need for equipment for care.

Focus on the health sector and digital solutions

When the first round of the call for proposal closed on April 17, 270 applications for funding had been received. There is great thematic breadth among the applications. Digitalisation stands out as the most common theme and a large proportion of applications relate to needs in the health sector.

The projects will address needs that have a clear link to the ongoing crisis.

- It can be about restructuring an activities to meet new demand for goods or services, or to continue to have income for liquidity. However, it is not possible to obtain funding for sales or ongoing operations, says Erik Borälv.

Vinnova's mission is to contribute to long-term and sustainable change. This means that applications need to be about innovation, that is, having a high degree of originality and renewal.

The next round or application round closes on May 29.


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<p>We're making several investments in innovations in the wake of the corona crisis. The aim is to fund and promote initiatives that can support society in a challenging time.</p>

Last updated 28 April 2020

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