New initiative will facilitate the introduction of AI solutions in public sector

Published: 1 April 2020

Vinnova now gives the public sector the opportunity to quickly get AI project assessed by experts, to facilitate the introduction of new solutions and relieve public organizations in the strained situation as a result of the corona crisis. The initiative is made with the support of AI Innovation of Sweden and SKR.

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The offer aimed at public organizations that in the near future want to use AI solutions in their own operations. They can now have their AI project assessed by experts free of charge to evaluate potential and feasibility. In this way, the organizations can act faster and at the same time ensure that the solutions are of high quality and deliver real benefits for limited public funds.

- Not least, municipalities and regions are facing a very strained situation and are having difficulty managing AI-based innovations despite the great benefits. Through this effort, we help to ensure quality assured project, short lead times and build competence to quickly benefit, says Daniel Rencrantz, head of department at Vinnova.

AI can make a big difference in a number of public activities, for example it can be about decision support in health care, advanced analyzes in social services or adaptive tools for the school. But assessing different project is often a time-consuming process.

- We are committed to being able to help public organizations in the best possible way in the challenge the entire society faces. We are happy to assist with our knowledge of AI and its areas of application, says Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director at AI Innovation of Sweden.


<p>We're making several investments in innovations in the wake of the corona crisis. The aim is to fund and promote initiatives that can support society in a challenging time.</p>

Last updated 1 April 2020

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